MaisonRouge, a crew that can handle all!

You are looking for a skilled crew for your festivity, event or get-together? Knock on MaisonRouge’s door and we round up your team in the blink of an eye. What do you think about hospitable hostesses or dedicated waiters? We come up with the perfect line-up according to your wishes, expectations and creative ideas. D-Day? Our skilled crew is in full alert and manages the whole business on the spot. So don’t worry, you can fully enjoy your own event. Cheers to that!

Team ready to work at an event
waiter at a party
hostesses at a trade show

Assemble your team

Attentive parking boys, eager hostesses and charming bartenders.
Our crew stands out at your event, on stage but also behind the scenes.
It’s time to make things happen!

An event for everyone

An adorable baby shower, a dreamy wedding, a corporate event to remember,... Or even a huge product launch, an epic festival or an impressive public event. Whatever you have in mind, we are your wingman for your party. You come up with crazy ideas and we look after the perfect crew. Do we get an invite to your event?

Enthousiastic crew for corporate and private events
Enthousiastic crew for corporate and private events