Venue set-up

Venue set-up | MaisonRouge
Venue set-up | MaisonRouge

You want to organise an event? Fortunately, you don’t need to set-up the venue yourself.

Make room for our experienced crew and its first-class mise-en-place. Setting up plates, shining up cutlery, align glasses and folding napkins. 
Yes indeed, it all looks shipshape. Your guests may enter the building! 

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Why you should work with MaisonRouge?

Motivated and trained students for everey job
  • 2000+ students
  • Obligated training for all crew
  • Coaching during and after the event with evaluation of the crew after each event
Transparent and in person service
  • Participation concerning crew, clothing, etc. by the client
  • You know who will be at your service: profiles, dream teams, etc.
  • 24/7 available via our permanence
  • No surprises on the invoice
A passionate team with a big smile attitude
  • Our recruits choose to work for us and you. It's not an obligation but a choice
  • Nothing Happens Without You! 
  • We do it with passion, every day again.
Recognized temp agency
  • Avoid embearasing situations during social inspection checks.
  • Smooth processing of student payments.