We loved working for you

Day after day, we try our hardest to help make your projects into masterpieces. We love to show some of the best projects we were part of.

We aim to provide the best service to all our clients, every time. From a cosy wedding, to a huge corporate party, we always give 200%. See anything you like? Ask more info or a price offer.

hostesses working at a business event
Group of waiters ready to serve drinks & bites at a corporate party
barcrew together with Thomas Pieters at Belgian Knockout
barcrew ready to serve drinks at the footbal stadium of KAA Gent

KAA Gent

2016 - 2019, Ghent

Crew: 80 barcrew
Achievement: For every homegame of Belgian top club KAA Gent, we make sure nobody gets thirsty. Beers are served ice-cold.

Tomorrowland Winter

2019, Alpe d'Huez

Crew: 270 barcrew
Achievement: For the first edition of this festival in the mountains, we had the honour of bringing 270 people to Alpe d'Huez who enjoyed serving music fans from all over the world.

Zoute Rally

2018, 2019 Knokke

Crew: 80 waiters
Achievement: During this high-end weekend in the exclusive Knokke, our waiters helped serving the perfect mix of food and drinks to all sort of VIP’s.


2018, 2019, Ghent

Crew: 55 waiters, hosts & hostesses, prkingboys and barcrew
Job: During this fancy culinary weekend, our crew gave all they had to serve the guests. Guests were welcomed by our friendly hosts & hostesses, VIPS were served to perfection by our waiters.

Night Shift

2016 - 2018, Antwerp, Ghent & Kortrijk

Crew: 30 hosts, hostesses, parkingcrew, barcrew and stagehands
Achievement: We provided enthousiastic crewmembers at a premium business event in Ghent.

Royal Antwerp FC

2017, 2018, 2019 Antwerp

Crew: 50 barcrew, hosts and hostesses
Achievement: At every homegame in the legendary Bosuilstadium, we make sure the VIP’s get served at the highest level possible.


2017 - 2019 Belgium

Crew: Different promoteams on multiple locations
Achievement: Mooimakers is a regional action to fight against littering. Our promopeople mainly work from gas stations and in the streets of bigger cities. 


2017, 2018, Boom

Crew: 6 promoboys & girl
Achievement: During the worldfamous Tomorrowland festival, our Big Smile crew promoted Miele in Dreamville.


2018, Boom

Crew: 140 hosts, hostesses, promopeople, stagehands
Achievement: On this massive 3-day event, we provided over 140 people every day. We are so thankful to have been part of this happening.


2018, Deinze

Crew: 30 parkingcrew, hosts & hostesses
Achievement: Our Big Smiling crew welcomed the VIP’s to this already famous electronic festival.

Finance Avenue

2015 - 2018, Brussels

Crew: 50 hosts, hostesses, stagehands & parkingcrew
Achievement: For the fifth year in a row, we got to be part of this economic highlight of the year. Our crew welcomed the honored guests and made sure all was taken care of.


2017, 2018, 2019 Brussels

Crew: 65 waiters, barcrew, parking crew, hosts & hostesses
Achievement: For 4 days our crew supported some of the best Belgian and European chefs on this culinary event.