MaisonRouge is a people agency that supplies meticulously trained,
hardworking young people
for catering and event assignments.

Our daily mission is to ensure that our crew obtains satisfaction from the varied range of jobs on offer and to dispatch them to each assignment with a Big Smile for each and every customer, day in, day out.

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5 days ago

New Balls Please

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6 days ago

Zin om 10 dagen als informant of hostess op het Autosalon te werken en daarmee je ultieme droomreis, 2 iPhone's of gewoon een maandloon te verdienen? Spreek je vlot Frans en Nederlands, ben je enthousiast en kan je de volledige 10 dagen werken? Stuur dan snel naar autosalon@maisonrouge of bel naar 0483 81 50 24! Big Smile makes Big Money!

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1 week ago

ApéRouge BXL is happening right now! We❤️Work We❤️our crew! #weloveworkmr #bigsmilemr #aperouge #nightoutwithourcrew

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2 weeks ago

From 18/10 - 30/10 we are providing crew for Autumn by Culinaria. Are you looking for 2weeks of fun and hard work💪, register now! Let's do this!💥 #weloveworkmr #bigsmilemr #studentjob #studentenjob #brussels #bruxelles #culinair #event

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2 weeks ago

House of Weddings shared MaisonRouge's photo.

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2 weeks ago

MaisonRouge with Steffi DM and 20 others.

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2 weeks ago

Night Shift Kortrijk Edition is nog maar achter de rug en wij kijken al uit naar het volgende Big Event in onze agenda! Tussen 18 en 30/10 kan je onze crew vinden op Culinaria - Autumn by Audi! Need more info? Check #WeLoveWorkMR #BigSmileMR

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3 weeks ago

Well Played on Twitter

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3 weeks ago

So this is happening! MaisonRouge @night_shift_be Kortrijk edition! #weloveworkmr #bigsmilr #businessneversleeps #loveyournetwork

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3 weeks ago

MaisonRouge houdt jullie graag droog tijdens de regen 🌧! #schuilenvoorderegen #happytohelp #weloveworkmr #bigsmilemr #studay

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  • A big thank you to all of you for your great work & efforts at our 150 Years Celebration! Your welcoming words, your smiles and your very positive attitude contributed significantly to the success of this celebration!

    Tzar, Elsene

  • The MaisonRouge crew provided an outstanding service and the customer was extremely pleased. A great partnership!

    Blue Dolphin Events, Oudenaarde

    Blue Dolphin Events
  • Perfect service, even in the deepest jungle

    Goodlife, Ghent

  • Extremely satisfied with the promotional team. They effectively anticipated the different situations, were enthusiastic and made a great deal of effort.

    The Fat Lady, Ghent

    The Fat Lady
  • Very satisfied with the MaisonRouge team!

    Ma kwizien, Tielt

    Ma kwizien
  • We are extremely satisfied with the MaisonRouge crew, especially the team leader. He was incredibly responsible, nothing was too much trouble. Hats off for managing his fellow students and motivating them in everything they did.

    In the pocket, Ghent

    In the pocket
  • Thanks to everyone for the great collaboration and perfect service during the event. Together we made it a total success!

    Fré Event , Deinze

    Fré Event
  • Exceptionally good! It was a pleasure working with the girls and what’s more they now fully understand what we’re all about.

    Oona, Antwerp

  • Thanks for the great quality we get every time! Fantastic!

    Komono, Zwijndrecht

  • I receive excellent profiles from MaisonRouge. The crew is always friendly and eager to learn!

    Panache Events , Ghent

    Panache Events
  • We are greatly satisfied with the professionalism of the hostesses as well as the service at our event.

    T&A, Corporate event, De Panne

  • An extremely good collaboration and professional support. The entire team did a superb job. A highly driven team leader managed an equally driven team brilliantly. Sincere thanks.

    AZ St Jan, Bruges

    AZ St Jan
  • Extremely good service, many familiar faces, everything ran without a hitch!

    Davy, Cardinal Catering, Bruges

    Davy, Cardinal Catering
  • Perfect service. There were even personal congratulations for the team leader.

    Keizershof Hotel, Aalst

    Keizershof Hotel
  • Great fair thanks to a first-class service by the ladies from MaisonRouge. Next year we'll be calling on your services again!

    EMS card, Ghent

    EMS card
  • We were very pleased with the crew at ‘Koers Halle-Ingooigem’. We look forward to working with them the next time!

    Ma Kwizien, Tielt

    Ma Kwizien
  • We look back on a great collaboration on our last job together.

    Bevas, Lochristi

  • Without MaisonRouge's help our plan would have been extremely difficult. The team is absolutely FANTASTIC.

    Jan , Carnival of Aalst

  • Very satisfied with the hostesses from MaisonRouge, thank you!

    Hair Professionals, Kortrijk

    Hair Professionals
  • Very satisfied with the hostesses from MaisonRouge, thank you!

    Hair Professionals, Kortrijk

    Hair Professionals

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